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Maple Granola

Maple Granola

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Welcome to a Taste of Canadian Wilderness: Maple Granola!

Indulge in the rich flavors of the Great North with our Maple Granola, a tantalizing blend of wholesome ingredients that promise to ignite your taste buds and fuel your adventures!

🌿 Made with Organic Rolled Oats: Start your day right with the hearty goodness of organic rolled oats, providing a nutritious base for your morning routine.

🍁 Sweetened with Pure Maple Syrup: Experience the authentic taste of Canada with our premium maple syrup, adding a delightful sweetness to every bite.

πŸ’ͺ Packed with Nutrient-Rich Seeds: Power up your day with the goodness of chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds, offering a boost of essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

🌱 Sweetened Naturally: Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners! Our granola is sweetened with organic cane sugar for a touch of sweetness you can feel good about.

πŸ₯œ Rich and Creamy Cashew Butter: Experience the creamy indulgence of cashew butter, adding a velvety texture and nutty flavor to every mouthful.

🌰 Crunchy Chopped Almonds: Enjoy the satisfying crunch of chopped almonds, adding a delightful texture and nutty taste to your granola experience.

🍁 Infused with Authentic Maple Extract: Our secret ingredient? Pure maple extract, delivering an extra punch of maple flavor that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the maple forest.

Whether sprinkled over yogurt, enjoyed with milk, or savored by the handful, our Maple Granola is the perfect way to start your day with a taste of natural goodness and Canadian hospitality.

Treat yourself to a taste of the wild today!

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, maple syrup, organic cane sugar, almonds, cashew butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, ample extract, salt

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